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I really want to know if in the year 5000 or whatever archaeologists will dig up anime figures and theorize about them being ancient deities and fertility statues.

sasuke, the deity of revenge and abstinence

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my gpa was 1.9 when I graduated highschool, and I’m moved on soooo much, but it’s hard to shake off past mistakes and failures


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negl, I’m still incredibly stressed out by going to the ~~~~number one public university in the world~~~~~ bc I still feel like I don’t deserve it and I’m not qualified

but they also accepted me for a reason, so I am Cal material, but :////


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I’ve seen a LOT of people praise the relationship between Vastra/Jenny in Doctor Who, and while I like that they are an important queer relationship, I also fucking HATE how Moffat chooses to write it

they don’t have a single line of dialogue thats not “we’re inter-racial lesbians!!!!!!”

can you actually write them as characters and NOT minorities

the point of representation is kind of lost when tokenism is the reason for their existence


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i both do and don’t like Girls… like there are SOOOOOO many problems (taking place in new york city but the first poc is basically in season 3????) and it feels almost entirely like wish fulfillment for lena dunham

but i also find it funny and ive sunk too deep and im invested into the characters


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tbh I only really have one thing on my bucket list: to go on a “haunted” tour of America, visiting as many “haunted”/abandoned/whatever locations as I can


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